Mar 11, 2020

2 min read

It’s time for a second JetBrains quest!


This is just a reversed text:

The product domain-specific languages are specified, is where the next of quest hides. The case where Dutch tax is processed, is a place you should show interest. Look hard as when text is white, sometimes it is out of sight. Cmd/Ctrl+A helps.

JetBrains has MPS for creating your own domain-specific language.


Next, we have to look for “The case where Dutch tax is processed”.


After opening the PDF, we can find a hidden white text.


The text reads:

This is our 20th year as a company, we have shared numbers in our JetBrains Annual report, sharing the section with 18,650 numbers will progress your quest.

After navigation to the latest JetBrains Annual report, there is a text in the source code of the page.

I have found the JetBrains Quest! Sometimes you just need to look closely at the Haskell language, Hello,World! in the hackathon lego brainstorms project

There is a funny LEGO comic on that page.


If you look carefully, you can actualy read the leetspeak.

did you know
jetbrains is
always hiring?

check out the careers
page and see if
there is a job or a
quest. challenge to
go further at least

Career page has this text in source code:

To progress with your quest what you need:
- To check out what we have for game developers.
- Be geeky enough to remember how you used to cheat at Konami games
- Try cheating on the page.

This one was a bit tricky. But, after searching the Konami cheat codes, you can actually play a classic ball-and-paddle arcade game!


Under the blocks you will find a promo code and link to activate the code!

After getting the link and the promo code, you can get your prize!


Sorry, I’m not sharing any code or links. Try and beat this quest for yourself! I was really fun.

Big thanks to JetBrains!