Mar 13, 2020

3 min read

It’s time for a third and last JetBrains quest!



It looks like a Base64. We can decode this in the browser using the atob().


Next clue leads us to their (at the time) latest Instagram image.


Following the link that they provided in the image description, we get to the Kotlin playground page with some code. It looks like they wrote a program to decode it, we just need to set the number of offset characters. They’ve uset the Ceasar cipset before, which is 3 letters shifted.


Time to watch the first episode of PhpStorm EAP. It will be easy as pi. Which means at 3:14 we can spot a link in the code!


That link leads us the thier quiz! It’s really easy to beat, you just need to get correct on all questions.


Not Everything Today Does All You Could Ask. Lessons Learned From Other Relevant Solutions, Possibly Even Another Kind Emerge. Risking Sometimes Being Liberal Or Generous Proves Ordinary Simple Tests Infinitely More Annoying. Get Examining Hidden Initial Designated Early Symbols. They Have Everything Needed, Except Xerox, To Completely Level Up Everything.

This text looks like an acronym.

net day call for speakers blog post image hides the next clue

This quest is the longest so far. There are many parts to this.

Next stop, .NET Day online 2020 blog post!


If you look at the image name, you will found the next clue!


Ok. We need to download IntelliJ IDEA EAP build number 201.6303.


After installing, we need to find the quest’s Tip of the day.


This one was very tricky. I cannot give you the code, but here are some useful links:

You should get a 6 digit number, which is a promo code!


Sorry, I’m not sharing any code or links. Try and beat this quest for yourself! I was really fun.

Big thanks to JetBrains!